Sustainable Recycling of Lighting Products

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The RELIGHT project outcomes will determine the type, scale, set up and cost of process equipment that will turn an end-of-life CFL lamp into clean, high value constituent materials of glass, plastic, metal and phosphor powder.  The highest value PCB component in some CFLs will also be recovered.  The project will provide a relatively low cost, low throughput technology for the recovery of mercury from the phosphor powder, enabling the resultant non-hazardous powder to be reused. The powder contains several valuable rare earth metals – this process will better and more cost effectively prepare these powders for sale to recovery facilities in Europe, and enable a higher price to be paid to the SMEs.



A major advantage of this approach is to enable the lamp recycling industry to manage all materials on the production site and minimise transport to specialist mercury recovery facilities.  The impact of this more cost effective approach to lamp recovery will enable smaller regional facilities to become cost effective in Europe, to replace the vast logistics need that currently operates in transporting lamps to remote recycling facilities.




An FP7 Supported Project
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